Wireless Phone Records - How to Check Someone's Wireless Phone Records?

Published: 01st August 2009
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You may have come across internet sites that facilitate sharing of someone's wireless phone record if you ready to foot the bill for their services, and even they don't every time given you what they promise, how do these online websites possibly obtain someone's detailed phone records for you?

(1) Digital Forensics - if they can have admission to the wireless phone device, they might conduct "Digital Forensics" in which they link up the wireless phone to a PC unit and gather all of its digital files and records, and rerender them to their apprehensible original file formats.

Through the same technique, these online services may perhaps get hold of deleted electronic voice-based mails, depending on the brand and version of the wireless phone. All of these recovered mobile phone data can then be passed on to you.

(2) Bypassing the security filters such as the firewalls and SSL electronic safety locks of their targeted cell phone network.

However, this is a very complicated task for most of these online services, as almost all the wireless phone service operators are using encrypted and highly secured database in their wireless phone operating system.

(3) Pretexting - orchestrating a phishing scandal involving another person appear to be the person of their target, and phone in to the cell phone company's customer service department, and apply for the target's wireless phone records. This option is only accessible when the target's personal details such as name, date of birth, phone account security answer, etc. are known by these online services.

Bear in mind, the content producer and publisher of this article assume that you are interested in examining other individual's wireless phone calling records, without the real intention of doing it, as it is against the law. Therefore, the content producer and publisher of this online article assume no responsibility with your conduct, as you have been informed that it is an illegal act (i.e. up to 20 years incarceration).

On the other hand, it is legal for doing a reverse wireless phone lookup via a legitimate reverse phone lookup company, as this will not bring to light someone's incoming & outgoing mobile phone call logs and SMS messaging records.

Typically a reliable online reverse phone check with someone's cellular phone number will reveal his/her full name (i.e. first and last names) and registered property location. As most wireless phone reverse lookup in the US and Canada can be conducted over the internet, people can get the results they are looking for within minutes and in just a few mouse clicks away.

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